Waste Management

Hazardous & Non Hazardous

Green Earth International(GEI) is a leading waste management company working in Hazardous as well as Non-Hazardous Waste Management sector for more than a decade and has hands on experience in collection, handling, transportation, treatment and disposal of various Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste materials and has completed numerous projects all over Pakistan with the public and private sector. Green Earth International (GEI) is one of Pakistan's most renowned waste management services company.

Established in 2007, the company contributes to the waste management sector by offering services that encompass waste management through its entire lifespan, starting with source minimization, to its recycling, and appropriate treatment and disposal. Depending on our client's needs, we at GEI can deliver services on a case-to-case basis, as well as provide an integrated solution by deputing personnel on client's site. GEIs as a waste management company, lays its philosophy on ethical principles and following of Industrial Best Practices (IBP) for every aspect of its services. This business is built around the infamous BR concept: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Green Earth International (GEI) is utilizing its skilled, dedicated and competent staff in a manner that is also helping build capacity since all these services require specialized knowledge, technologies and capabilities. Green Earth International (GEI) has always braced challenges with a desire to outperform all its competitors in terms of quality while providing services at minimal costs, throughout its existence.

Many years in the field of waste management, Green Earth International has earned rich understanding and expertise by serving many of the different industries such as textile, oil and gas, transport, chemical, food processing beverage sectors among others. By utilizing best of our specialists in the field of waste management, always look forward to offering our clients with innovative and cost-effective waste management solutions. led by a team of highly experienced professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Our team primarily consists of environmental engineers and scientists, health and safety professionals and trainers, logistics experts and waste specialists. In addition to the core team, Green Earth International (GEI) also has close contact with chemical and industry experts having extensive experience in the field of their respective disciplines, who the team in case of dealing with special wastes.

Vision & Mission

To bring about a complete transformation in waste management services available in Pakistan by offering our clients a customized and one-window waste management solution, ensuring adherence to all relevant international standards, guidelines and best management practices, in addition to all mandatory national legislation; ensuring a safe, clean and green environment for all, ultimately helping our country meet its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)towards a circular economy.


To bring about a complete transformation in waste management services available in Pakistan by offering our clients a customized and one-window waste management solution, ensuring adherence to all relevant international standards, guidelines and best management practices, in addition to all mandatory national legislation; ensuring a safe, clean and green environment for all, ultimately helping our country meet its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)towards a circular economy.

For waste materials of solid, liquid and gaseous phase (both hazardous and non-hazardous),
our services encompass:

We also Specialize in Providing

Professional Trainings

Waste Management Materials Supply

Provision of Waste Collection and storage bins/ drums

Waste bin liners (custom sized including biodegradable)

How we Do

The actions and activities that are undertaken to deal with a waste from its inception to its reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery, treatment or disposal fall under the scope of waste management services. Waste management usually involves assessment, packaging, collection, transportation, sorting, treatment and finally disposal of non-recyclables.

We strive to provide best possible services to our clients, ensuring to make decisions that support environmental sustainability. It is our mandate to help organizations minimize their waste, by providing them waste minimization trainings, where all key stakeholders are brought together and strategies are shared and discussed to streamline and optimize the operations, keeping facts and figures in view.

Waste Categories


Liquid waste is commonly found both in households as well as in industries. This waste includes waste water, organic liquids, wash water, grey water, black water etc..


Solid waste can include a variety of items found in households along with commercial and industrial entries. This waste includes plastic waste, paper/card board waste, metals/scrap, Ceramics, glass etc.


Organic waste includes food waste, garden waste, manure, rotten meat, etc.


Recyclable waste includes all waste items that can be converted into new products, Solid items such as paper, metals, and organic waste such as food, liquid waste such as waste water can all be recycled when subjected to appropriate treatment.


Hazardous wastes include all types of waste that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, reactive, explosive and infectious.

Green Earth International

is an approved organization by various Environmental Protection Agencies of Pakistan for Handling, Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Wastes.

The US EPA classifies hazardous wastes as waste displaying the characteristic property of ignitability, corrosively, reactivity or toxicity, Hazardous wastes are generated as a result of numerous operations including but not limited to industrial manufacturing processes, operation of health care institutions, agricultural activities etc. Hazardous waste can be in any phase: liquid, semi-solid, solid and even gaseous. Hospital Waste əSeməs ALO 8 Expired Medicines aspnis Asbestos Corrosive Chemicals Olly Rags sappnsad Containing Materials sJaH pue bapnig e IMAI Adm.

Non Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

Non-hazardous wastes are defined as materials that do not particularly threat the health of human by mere exposure, nonetheless, they may still impart negative impacts to our environment. Non-hazardous wastes can be categorized as follows:

Biodegradable Waste

Food and kitchen waste, garden waste, paper waste (most of it is biodegradable, coated paper may pose difficulties).

Recyclable Waste

Paper, Cardboard, glass bottles and jars, metal cans, aluminum foil, metal scraps, certain plastics, fabrics, clothes etc...

Composite Waste

Waste clothing, Tetra Packs, waste plastic toys etc...

Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Septic tank cleaning involves the collection of municipal and industrial grey and black-waters through sucker-bowsers and tankers. The septic tank systems might include one tank that combines black and grey-waters or two separate tanks.

Keeping in view the demand of various industries for urgent and timely services, Green Earth International(GEI) has acquired liquid suction trucks fitted with powerful 'vacuum pumps that can transfer up to 6000 liters of wastewater within a few minutes. Our suction equipment is well maintained, operates at higher degree of vacuum, resulting in a higher pressure differential, which can help meet demand under stringent working conditions. Our suction trucks can easily perform with oily sludges, muds, sewage waters, chemicals and semi solids owing to their higher suction head.

Sludge Collection And Disposal Services

Effluent is defined as a waste water that flows out of an Industry, hospital, residential apartment, etc. that must be treated before being discharged into any natural water body. Sludge is a semi-solid material left behind after treatment of waste water. Various Industrial processes also results In the production of different type of sludges such as oily sludge, salt sludge etc.

Green Earth International(GEI) has the capacity and experience of more than a decade in professional collection of solid wastes from point of production (that could be residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, remote etc.) to the point of treatment or disposal. Hazardous wastes require more safety precautions to deal with compared to the handling loading/unloading and transportation of non-hazardous wastes. Our teams are always ready to deal with hazardous wastes from the point of waste generation, to safe handling/unloading of waste, and ultimately for safe transportation to approved recycling, treatment, temporary storage or disposal sites. Waste segregation in different pre-labeled drums.

Waste Transportation

Hazardous wastes generated at a particular site require transportation to only approved treatment, storage, or disposal facilities. Because of potential threats to public safety and the environment, transport is given special attention by governmental agencies. This practice has been greatly curtailed by the enactment of laws that require proper labeling, transport, and tracking of all hazardous wastes. Green Earth International(GEI) has extensive procedures in place and capacity to deal with such wastes in accordance with these laws.

Waste Disposal

Green Earth International(GEI) strives to carry out its waste disposal activities in an environmentally friendly manner. The following techniques we use the following techniques for waste disposal:

Key Steps for Providing Waste Management Services

Reporting and Documentation

Activity completion report, as vel as waste disposal certificates ure all shared with our clients. They Include the quantity, steps and procedures taken specifically for the management of that client's waste.