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our clients interest comes first. Every client is treated with courtesy, dedication and is provided with effective representation. Our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of the top law firms in Pakistan specialized in the field of human resource, industrial relations, employment , labour laws and etc...

Your Company's matters concerning Laws can be taken care of by us professionally, in accordance with the local laws. We protect our client legally, whether it be through legal drafting or representation in the Courts of Law.
Our consistent track record of sound legal advice and success in the Courts of Law instills confidence and trust among our clients. Our Law Firm is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client.


Our lawyers have successful experience of appearing before the Courts of Law (Honorable Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunal Courts, N.I.R.C., Labour Courts) and defending proceedings firmly keeping in view the latest judgments of the Honorable Courts, pertaining to all the areas concerning labour laws, industrial relations and compliance of labour laws applicable to industrial and commercial establishments operating their business in Pakistan


Queries regarding HR legal issues or compliance of labour laws in Pakistan, trade union issues or third party contracts, we offer legal advice on all aspects of labour laws in Pakistan and help our clients prepare comprehensive labour law compliance guidelines..


The Legal and technical team here at Green Earth International has a deep understanding of Law and Practical experience in their skill set. We pay complete attention to detail and always maintain personal care when dealing with clients. .

Our retainer clients are from the following areas of business :

Airlines, Airport Ground Handling Companies, Banks, Insurance, Car Manufacturers, Ground Logistics, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Cargo Port Terminals, Home Textiles, Garment Manufacturing Industries, Leather Tanneries & Leather Product Manufacturers, Electronics, Mining, Hospitals, Chemical Industries, Hard Board Manufacturing Industries, Stock Exchange, Cable Manufacturing Industries, Communication and Mobile Service Companies and Internet Service Providers.

If you are looking to engage a consultant/Lawyer for your corporate, Legal and/or individual needs who does not boast on their Brand Name but deliver practically and serve your interest better than Green Earth International is the right choice for you.