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Green Earth International is a Human Resources management practice that provides a comprehensive range of Human Resources Solutions with a business focus. Green Earth International is the nucleus of a multidisciplinary team of Human Resources specialists. Green Earth International is a dynamic organization that excels in consulting and training and we are accomplished in delivering results.

Green Earth International's integrated team approach and its “full-service/one-stop source” philosophy is what makes us unique. We are committed to working in collaboration with like-minded human resources management and business specialists who share our values to give you, the client, more than you expect!

Our diverse network of partners have demonstrated expertise in a wide range of specialized human resources areas including talent management, outplacement/transition consulting, advisory services/day-to-day counsel to managers, employee relations and practices, employment legislation compliance, organizational development, assessments, and training and development. As a team, we have worked with small to large size private, public and non-profit organizations across diverse sectors.

Pick and Choose the Services your Company Needs.

From project-based services like creating job descriptions and employee handbooks to handling more complex areas of human resource consulting like employee evaluations, compensation studies, and strategy development; our team of HR veterans can handle it all. We’ll implement practices to manage burdensome processes, free up your time, and keep you focused on running your business.

Below is a snapshot of the services we offer.
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Staffing & Recruiting

Maximize your company’s Return on Employee with improved recruitment strategies. We can identify key performance indicators and assess your current and future labor needs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is our specialty.

Employee Relations & Performance Reviews

Mitigating risk when it comes to employee relations concerns is crucial. We will implement processes that increase employee satisfaction and productivity, while minimizing your liability. Custom designed KPI, and structured reviews are available as well.

Management & Supervisory Coaching

We customize a variety of supervisor training programs for both new and experienced managers and supervisors to help provide them with the education and resources to be successful. As a result, they will be more effective in their roles in meeting the company’s overall objectives for performance and profitability.


A form of alternative dispute resolution for workplace conflicts. Our trained mediator will work with the affected parties to collaboratively reach a mutually agreeable solution; improving the working relationship and often eliminating the need for costly litigation.

Disciplinary Action & Termination

We will guide you through a risk assessment, help you develop a plan of action (including talking points) and even sit with you while you deliver the news. Learn how to handle the toughest conversations, reduce anxiety and improve outcomes.

Compensation & Market Analysis Services

Competitive compensation practices are essential to employee recruitment and retention efforts. Our Compensation and Market Analysis Study will provide your business with the tools it needs to implement competitive and fair pay practices.

Policy Development & Implementation

Whether you are in need of a full employee handbook or simply looking for a basic review of existing policies and procedures, we can help. Communicating your company values and expectations in a clear, consistent, legally-compliant manner is our forte!

HR Audits

There are many different types of HR audits. Audits can be broad, incorporating how a business operates and reviewing efficiencies, or they can identify potential problems and lead to timely corrective measures. Whatever the need, we’ll streamline the process for you.

Workplace Investigations

Getting to the bottom of a workplace complaint, especially a very serious one, can be tricky business. Emotions run high and the consequences of botching the process or failing to uncover the truth are nothing to mess with. Leave it to us to help you sort it all out.

Payroll Outsourcing

Business Analysis

Here you may find information about payroll outsourcing in Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professional experts best assists their clients as to payroll outsourcing in Pakistan.

Business Process Outsourcing services cater to those businesses that need to outsource their back-office operations and administrative functions on which they don’t have the requisite skills set for. In addition to being mundane and voluminous, these tasks require independent evaluation and reporting which can be executed more efficiently and cost effectively by an independent team that specialises in outsourcing activities on characteristically basis.

These services help organisations focus on their core competencies and achieve their primary objectives while all non-core activities are carried out by specialists in the field of outsourcing.
Some of the prime benefits of outsourcing on your workload are:


Whether you are running a large scale business or whether you have just set up your business, outsourcing team helps you spend only a fraction of the total cost that you will incur if you invest in getting the work done internally by your staff. So if internal functions are eating up your valuable resources, then outsourcing is the right solution for you..


Outsourcing helps businesses free themselves from non-core operations and utilise that extra time on their actual work. By outsourcing you are repetitive and prosaic tasks you can shift the focus back on your primary business objectives such as growth and development.


Not only will the quality of work that you have outsourced, improve, but also the quality of service that you provide to your clients will be much faster and better managed. Client service is of paramount importance to any business and our outsourcing team helps you in achieving that. .


Training your own employees will require quite an investment in terms of time and money, which is precious to your business. However by outsourcing, you gain access to highly skilled resources and at nominal costs.

In today’s ultra-competitive world, businesses have come to terms with the fact that draining their valuable resources on internal functions can effect corporate growth and development. However these functions are essential for the running of your business. With Green Earth International Outsourcing Management Services, you do not have to make that opportunity cost between your business’s cores and non- core activities. Green Earth International, being a leading provider offers payroll, tax compliance, and human resource solutions for employers worldwide. We provide a broad range of services that help employers efficiently manage their internal processes, increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve employee retention, and control costs.

Labor Contractors

Green Earth International Services is one of the leading names in the industry known for offering exceptional quality Labour supply service at an affordable rate. We are having one of the highly experienced team who is capable and well-trained to offer this service within promised frame of time. We are also offering a labor Contractor to take care of the manpower we offer for all industries. .

Our team is formed of highly trained labor that all are having unique ability physically & mentally. They are good decision maker, and very sincere towards the service their offer to the clients. We provide all type of labour work in our labour contract services. In order to gain maximum client satisfaction, we ensure to offer this service based on the requirements which are shared by our valuable clients at a marginal cost..

Because of several years of experience in the industry we are well aware about the latest expectations of the clients. We are glad to share the fact that, our labour supplier service is widely appreciated by the clients across various industries for its high reliability and on time services. While making the selection of the labors for our labor pool we take help of industry experts so that we offer only the best staff to the industrial clients. We are offering our labour supply services in all over in pakistan


Trusting on our Labour supplier service will give our clients the scope to get the best for their business functioning. Clients need to sign a contract with us for the requirement and that will include all minute details about the service. So far we are having 100% track record of satisfied customer and we promise to make you our trusted client too, just give us the chance to serve you.

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